① Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice

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Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice

Justice, to me, means that fair and equal treatment for an individual's actions will be evaluated according to the Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice set forth in the United States Constitution, previous court cases, and standards commonly known in Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice no matter an individual's ethnic Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party Essay moral characteristics. The death penalty is a quality to society; it prevents The Fishing Industry In Sebastian Jungers A Perfect Storm criminals as well as serves revenge to criminals, Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice is in no way depraved. These experiments were conducted on thousands Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice concentration camp Jews and other prisoners Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice consent. This essay will showcase the perceptions of two practicing professionals in the criminal justice field Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice ethical issues that Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice face while working in. A plea bargain is an agreement that is made in a criminal Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice between the prosecutor and the defendant; normally, the defendant pleads guilty.

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It can also ensure that an innocent person is found guilty for a crime that he or she did not commit. If an officer has a previous instance of falsifying testimony, any testimony he gives in the future could be thrown out of court, letting an offender go free. Bribery is a problem for many different reasons, also. An investigator is supposed to protect the community and do what he has to in order to make sure that justice is being served.

It can lower community moral, believing that if someone has enough money, they can just buy their way out of anything. The community may also lose faith in the justice system all together, believing that whoever harmed them, or whatever be the case, will go free because the police are working both sides of the fence. There is no case if the investigator is letting the guilty go free. Ethics are very important in the Criminal Justice Field because it keeps up community and department moral and ensures that the right person will be charged with the right crime.

It also ensures that justice will be served. This loses faith and trust in the entire system and justice can never be fully served. Because of this, we must all do our parts in order to make sure that we, and our fellows, are practicing good ethics. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Read more about Police Ethics. Although police officers certainly engage in unethical behaviors, practitioners who work in the court also have the potential to act in an inappropriate or unscrupulous manner. This is because, to varying degrees, court personnel such as prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges have discretionary powers. When faced with ethical dilemmas, they can take decisions one way or the other, because moral obligations have finer shades Souryal, Read more about Court Ethics.

Although very little literature has systematically addressed the types of unethical behaviors in which correctional officers engage, at least a few studies have addressed these issues. One of the most common areas of ethical concern pertains to excessive uses of force that occur in penal facilities. Morris portrayed a classic depiction of abuse as he described the events that led up to the infamous New Mexico prison uprising. Ultimately, it was this informal control mechanism that was one of the major factors that led to one of the most devastating riots in American prison history. Read more about Correctional Ethics. As previously mentioned, unethical acts are committed by employees in virtually every type of law enforcement endeavor.

This is true even in the field of probation and parole, where employees are presumed to have one of the highest levels of education and job training Souryal, Probation and parole officers have the potential to engage in many different types of unscrupulous behaviors. Read more about Probation and Parole Ethics. Based on social contract theory, criminal justice professionals have been given a certain authority and power by the government, as its agents, to protect the inhabitants within a particular jurisdiction in exchange for a few liberties given up by these residents. This sets them apart from the general populace. Armed with the responsibility to guard the populace, criminal justice professionals are expected to have higher moral standards so that the people can trust them with the power they have to protect.

Occasionally, instead of honoring the position and trust given to them, these professionals get distracted and use their discretion as they deem fit. Every case is unique, whether it is a murder case or a simple assault case. This is why clients need skilled, knowledgeable attorney 's so that they can receive fair trials without police and investigators introducing evidence which may be illegally seized during an arrest. The judge has the ultimate decision whether evidence should be excluded or not, so bringing forth the Constitutional Rights of one 's client is pertinent. Judge Doe is excluding evidence during trial yet the prosecution asked the judge for an Evidentiary Hearing so they can argue their case on why the evidence should be allowed.

Capital punishment can be a tough topic to discuss because people tend to have extreme views and opinions on it. The death penalty is a quality to society; it prevents possible criminals as well as serves revenge to criminals, and is in no way depraved. The arguments contrary to the death penalty regularly do not hold up when examined more thoroughly. It is vital that everyone is united on this subject, rather than having some states practice capital punishment while others do not. The death penalty can be a beneficial tool in sentencing criminals that have committed some of the nastiest crimes known to society. Furthermore, a confession has significant importance in a court of law Rubin, Therefore, the investigators can cut corners in their investigative work and still have a high probability of getting a conviction Rubin, As a result, ethical issues and concerns are often brought about based on the deceptive tactics used in the Reid technique.

First, it helps to inform our understanding of how sentencing law influences plea bargaining. START Given the centrality of pleas for the disposition of criminal cases, studying how sentencing structure impacts the incentives of prosecutors and defendants in plea negotiations is important to our understanding of the criminal justice system. Second, the use of the death penalty as leverage in plea negotiations raises important legal and ethical issues. Defendants are typically required to waive important constitutional rights as a condition of the plea agreement.

Many of these rights are considered crucial to the accurate determination of guilt and punishment at trial, so the absence of these protections may undermine our confidence in that determination. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.

How is Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice pertinent to the field of criminal justice? This punishment is viewed to be …show more content… This contract is Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice set of rules that governs how people treat each other within a society. I believe that teens should Ethical Concerns In Criminal Justice the right El Dia De Los Muertas, Or The Day Of The Dead wrong.

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